Hello today i am writing this article about a site i came across called, the site offers you three types of contracts offering you interest on your investments, the three contract types are as follows,

three types of contracts

The site is professionally designed and looks sleek but behind all the design is a con, well i say con but if you can prove me wrong then please do but from my experience this site is not to be trusted. The reason i do not trust this site is as i made the first deposit of $10 as i was curious about the site and wanted to see if it is genuine or fake, at first it looked good the transactions went through and it started investing daily instantly, after 24hrs it displayed my interest earned but it had two sections for it the first was the initial deposit plus 20% and the other was the remaining 100% of the total 120%. The 20% section said it was available for withdrawal and the 100% was set to one side, this left me wondering what was going on so i gave it a few more days to allow the interest to build up and see a return on it. The image below shows the investments made and the interest earned from them.

initial investment plus interest

After a few more days i requested a withdrawal but this was not possible so i contacted the 24hr online support team to discuss the issue, this is where i started to question the company about my deposit. From this point i was told that to be able to withdraw my funds i need to invest into all three contracts and that doing this will verify that i am a genuine investor and then my funds will be released instantly, i continued to argue with the support team that the site is misleading and does not state that this needs doing it makes you believe that you choose a contract and then after 24hrs its available for instant withdrawal.

pending withdrawal

As you can see from the image above my withdrawal request is still pending and was never released to me.

If you have any proof that this is genuine then please share via the comments section below. and submit evidence to me via email.

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