Welcome to Btcdrop.co.uk, here we like to reward our members with Bitcoin by displaying a faucet as you see below paying on average 40 satoshi per every 15 min claim. all you have to do to enjoy our service is abide by the rules as stated below.

Check out our new offer wall for bonus points that can be converted to Bitcoins, as it is still been worked on don’t convert yet use and save your points up.

  1. only register ONCE ( duplicate accounts will be deleted )
  2. NO use of any VPN for claims ( may lead to a ban )
  3. create an account with FAUCET HUB for pay outs

Clain 40 Satoshi every 15 mins.
You should be logged in to claim Satoshi

Only addresses linked to profiles will be paid

https://www.btcdrop.co.uk/faucet?r=Your Address